PangolinComics – Number 001

When does a pangolin look the coolest?
When he’s ballin’!

ballin cartoon(original RF)

So pangolins are Always ballin’ in my opinion, but how close are they to recognition?  Well, if you type in “Who is ballin’?” into google…you don’t get any pangolins.  For a long time. In fact, this is what you get:

Google image search for "Who is ballin'?"
Google image search for “Who is ballin’?”

So we see James Harden, foremost among many basketball player, the pontiff himself Pope Francis, Young Jeezy to the surprise of no one, and even Joe Manganiello from Spiderman and Magic Mike looking real cool in his middle school basketball uniform.  We even catch a glimpse of that really cool new Target ad series where they do things that ‘the younger generations’ do, but just Target-Style (they include “Ballin”, “Just Kidding”, “Throwback Thursday”, and “Offline” – very hip).

But we only need to scroll down to image #16 to find an animal – the Giant Millipede appears high in the Google ranks with a link to the article “10 Ways This Giant Millipede Is Ballin’“, which quite frankly, is less convincing than the case for pangolins.

I hope, by the time this blog runs out of steam, to make the case that Pangolins are incredibly ballin’ and they can break the top 10.  So hopefully if we all Google “Pangolins are Ballin” we can get them up the ranks soon.

Should you run that search now, however, you’ll find odd pictures of Derrick Rose, anime, animals, and even stumble upon a strange narrative where last November Nobel Laureate Martti Ahtisaari brokered a peace treaty between the Angry Birds and the Pigs to focus on stopping violence and protecting endangered species.  Check out the questionable press release here or here.

A Nobel laureate fighting for a good cause...
A Nobel laureate, Martti Ahtisaari, fights for a good cause, with the help of the President of United for Wildlife (and also Duke of Cambridge) Prince William (above)…
...Using the Angry Birds creators to help?
…Using the Angry Birds creators to help?

They ran a tournament last November to raise money and awareness, and all the details are in this short YouTube video (along with a nice shout-out to “the humble pangolin”).

So perhaps creating more questions than answers today I remind you that the internet is full of useless information, enjoy your googling! #PangolinsAreBallin


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